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Hey you guys,

I am what you might call a organizer of mental chaos or a fog slayer. That means that I see through the ideas, the overwhelm, the chaos, and the fog that is stopping you from being all that you have been called to be. I identify that path that’s unique to you, give you a vision for the small steps and large journey. I can educate you on just about every step, and encourage you to step in… finally. 

I can do this because this is who God made me to be. I can see the path because I walked the path. I’ve struggled many many times along the path. And I want to help you through, too.  

I know you can do it because I’m the least-likely writer, creator, entrepreneur, and Christian. I don’t force anyone along one path. I help you see that your path is yours alone but that there are similarities between all our paths. We all fail. We all can decide to quit at any time. We are all busy. We all can spend our time on immediate gratification rather than doing and completing the mundane tasks that will lead to the ultimate MORE we want. 

Don’t you want more? More of what God has for us? More impact for His Name? More income to help sow into His kingdom purposes? 

I want that for you. You can do it. You were made for this. But it requires more from you. 

Sewing more means you can reap more. 

That doesn’t mean you need to work for your salvation. It means that you are working because you were made for this. 

It doesn’t mean you need to grind like the other entrepreneurs who are working rather than spending time with family when their family needs them the most. It means learning, delegating, and managing time. It also means depending solely on God’s goodness, strength, and grace. 

You were made for more. You might not know where to step into though. If you don’t, I’d love you to step into this journey today through my free 5 Day Journal: Step into the Depths to Pursue Your Calling.

Through these 5 Days you will identify your calling, who you were made to serve, what it will look like in your life, and create an action plan to make the first few steps forward.  

Being strategic about your steps will help you to remember and stay focused until you complete the tasks before you. 

You were made for this, so let’s begin. 

Learn the ins and outs of writing dynamic and transformational online course curriculum. 

Stop waiting to find your calling and join me in this journey to find out what you were made to do. No more waiting. No more wishing. 

Bring the passion back into writing and help your students be prepared to write for college.