Have you ever wondered what your purpose is?

Has life just gotten too busy?

You desire to walk into your calling but…
  • it feels like there is no extra time
  • You aren’t sure exactly what you can do with the time and talents you have
  • You have never identified who you’d like to help and what they need

It's time to decide!

I know you have an ultimate desire to serve the Lord and do something that fulfills your desires to show love to others. 

During these 5 Days, you will:

  • Identify your desires that might have been forgotten through the years
  • Decide what it will look like in your busy life
  • Identify the people you’d love to help and support
  • List the skills or knowledge you will need to step forward
  • Make a plan for what it will look like in the short and long term


When I wrote this I thought of you...

I want you to walk in your God-given purpose and live life to the fullest…. that doesn’t mean just being busy or earning your way to Heaven. It’s about fulfilling the desires that God has put in your heart. I want you to step into a life that shows that you are full of the fruits of the Spirit. It’s not easy, especially in the long-run, but it’s so worth it to do something we know God created us for.

Each Day Includes:

  • Scriptures

  • A Prayer

  • Journal Space

Step Into the Depths to Pursue Your Calling

Someone needs you to speak into their lives, be the one who sees them, and is the hands and feet of Jesus to them.