5 Things Stopping You From Creating Your Course

Everyone and their brother wants to create an online course.  The idea of residual income, making money while sleeping, building credibility in your field, and getting exposure, all are almost too good to let go by without at least trying to publish a course.

We have all seen solid, quality courses, and some really crappy ones, but even the crappy ones seem to be making money (crazy, I know).  

We have also seen people telling us to “Publish a course in 7 days!” I’m sure that works for many people… but not everyone.

People have some awesome ideas, and being an educator and course writer myself, I know that ANYONE, yes, ANYONE can write and publish a good course… with the right tools (or the right person behind them, 🙂  hint hint!).

But first, let’s address what is stopping you:

1. The time!!  

7 days to publish a course?!?!  I don’t think so! Yeah maybe if you are an amazing content writer, are a whiz at the technical production, speaking, and have already done the process a million times.  I, for one, can’t stand people who claim unrealistic goals and expectations on people. I also can almost guarantee that those courses that were produced and launched that quickly probably fall under the crappy course label I mentioned.

No!  A good course does take time.  I can write one in 3 weeks but I always prefer to give myself, and my clients, 6 weeks. It is doable, achievable and no one has to skip meals and stop all other life events in order to complete.  

Also anyone who is a writer KNOWS that good writing editing, revising takes time and thought.  

Do us all a favor and take your time. BUT don’t take too much time!

Bottom line? Break it down into small achievable steps. Take notes while you are working on things you’d like to say.  Or ask for help!

2. Procrastination!  

How long has that course been sitting on your desk or carrying it around in your bag, pretending that you’ll complete it in the next century.  By the time you even get to it, it will probably be archaic and everything will have changed. It always gets put on the back burner… because you know that it is supposed to be “passive income.”

Passive income?  The “Passive” part doesn’t come until WAY after some active work!!

Bottom line? The best way to complete a course is to finish piece by piece with strategic goals.  OR ask someone to guide you through the process.

3. Audience!!

Now we have to admit that this “passive income” requires time and activity. And everyone is saying that we need an audience?!? What in the world!  Is anyone else feeling stressed yet?

Now, before we even write the course, we need to build an audience?  How do we do that? What if I don’t have an audience? How much time will that take?  How much money and technical expertise will this take? Oh my goodness! Too much! 

Let me put this bluntly.  No one is going to show up to a concert without a performer.  Create the course!! Market the course! Build your audience from the course!  Mix it up and repeat!!

Bottom line?  If you want to create the course, create it! Find the audience later.

4. Not Knowing Who You Are!

I guarantee that if you’ve gotten this far into this article, that you have done research on how to create and publish a course.  The one thing these generic course teachers don’t consider, though is that you aren’t them, they aren’t you, and you have unique qualities, insight to your topic, and style of speaking/teaching.

There are many people who are natural teachers/speakers and aren’t aware of why they are so good.  Others are hesitant to speak because they are not like those already successful speakers.

It is probably the teacher in me, but I believe that everyone has insight only they have that people need to hear.  I believe that you are unique as a teacher/speaker, and once you find your voice and style that people will be drawn to that uniqueness and insight.

Bottom line?  Identify who you are as a teacher/speaker and write your course to highlight those qualities.

5. Organization!!

This is the most common response I get from clients.  They have great ideas, are experts in their field, can speak and teach in person but have the hardest time putting the information on paper in order to create a logical, focused online course.  While I do have suggestions that can’t be fully articulated in this article, I understand that most people in this situation need to find someone to guide them through the process the first time.  Once people can see how the whole breaks down into logical pieces and vice versa, they have an “Ah ha!” moment where it all begins to make sense.

Bottom Line:  Find someone who knows what they are doing to break it down and walk with you through the process and each time will be easier.


Of course, I have to plug my business and expertise right now.  I simply LOVE walking through this process with clients.  I am passionate about writing courses and seeing clients succeed.  If you’ve wanted to write a course but are struggling, message me and we will talk:  jessica@jessicalmoody.com.

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