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How Can Creatives Complete Tasks?

Another morning, another idea… or five.

But what about that money making idea that you had last week that you know would be big and you are 75% done?

That’s just not as exciting anymore…

THIS ONE will be it!!

THIS ONE will make me big!!

Each time that I’m writing or creating, I have the tendency to have 5 or more ideas while I’m working on my main project of the day. I can be all over the place. And if I’m working with someone, I can bring them on my wild ride of ideas and get them a bit overwhelmed.

Who else relates?

In an attempt to regulate my own creativity and imagination I will share with you a list of things that I attempt to do to keep focused (the key word is attempt):

  1. Create a running idea list and outline when needed.

I am unable to stop my mind from running while I’m doing anything. This list came about while working on a project that I’m actually getting paid for, and I had to continually open up new google docs to write titles and outlines for blog posts (note: I’m sure there is a better way to manage my blog posts but this is my current, inefficient way).

To do this I keep a notebook (or three) with me at all times!! Lists, ideas, business ventures… it all goes in there, in a semi-organized fashion.

Next, I create first-draft titles and outlines when necessary. I can add my unforgettable quotes, outlines, web resources, or next steps within the document.

Finally, I go back to it eventually… or sometimes I don’t. That’s the thing, once it’s out of my head onto the paper, it’s not bothering me quite as much anymore. So get it on paper and forget about it.

2. Get excited about completing something… ANYTHING!!

When I wake up in the morning, I look at my list of a million ideas and get excited about finishing something on there. But then I realized that I need money to survive, and I must complete something not quite as exciting as my list.

So I do one of two things:

If I really need a jump-start, I finish something easy. Publish a blog post that’s almost finished, complete a graphic, or send an email that has been nagging at me. This normally is enough of a boost for me to want to complete more things on my list.


I take a minute to think about how exciting it will be to start making money off of my big idea, break it down into achievable pieces and begin.

You might see by now that most of my thinking process is me arguing with myself. Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos who talks to herself. I really relate to Kronk in this way:

But normally it’s an effective way for me to get going, so I’ll just go with what works. Haha!!

3. Make a nice, fancy list and then CROSS them off!!

When you make a list, use your fancy writing, draw or paint around it. Make it nice enough to put on the wall… but don’t make it nice enough that you can’t cross it out!!

Because it feels soooo good to cross it off the list!!

I’m sure there are way more ideas than this. Help me out: What do you do to keep focused and move forward?

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