Creating a Transformation


I became an entrepreneur, like you, to make an impact and to improve others’ lives.  I want people not to struggle quite as much as I did learning how to be an entrepreneur. I wanted it to be easier through education and connection. Adversely, I know there are times we can be so driven by overcoming challenges and achieving the success that we can lose sight of the ultimate goal of helping people.

We are a walking dichotomy where we are driven by our own desire for success by helping to make others’ lives easier. It is in this journey that we toe the line of selflessness and selfishness.  We do it because we love it but also because we refuse anything less than ultimate success so we can help at an even larger scale.

Any successful leader would agree that the audience is the number one focus of any business: the audience’s experience, desires, and expectations.  If the audience is not happy then nothing we do matters. We will not achieve the success we desire, achieve our goals, and make the connection that builds our credibility as an expert.  

An Environment of Transformation

We must create an environment of transformation for our audience.  At the first meeting, we must transform them from not caring into caring, from not connecting to connecting, from uninterested to interested.  Next, we move them from not being sure to know that they cannot live without it. This is when they are driven by their desire for the product or service and commit now.  

It is at this point where most entrepreneurs stop.  Once the customer buys, the marketing job is done, and the audience is on their own to do what they will.  But it is in the delivery where the transformation can begin. This is your opportunity to build an audience who loves you and who helps you build a legacy.  

In the Delivery

It is in the delivery where you get to give them what you said you would. It is to make every moment count and make them know that they mean everything to you at that moment. They will know that you gave them your heart and soul. They will see that you thought of them AFTER they bought.  

This is an opportunity for you to build lifelong clients.  You will be different than all the others. You will have done what you said you would do. You are looking to them to not be a fly by night customer but building a lifelong relationship where they go to you for everything related.  

You will know that they love and trust you when they begin to recommend you to everyone they know and ask you for your opinion on everything. This is when you officially begin to be the expert you must be to build a true legacy.

It is in this moment that you have achieved both: you have become everything you desire to be while serving your audience well.  

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Jessica L. Moody is a Curriculum and Program Consultant and a proud Veteran Marine. With her MA in Education, BA in Literature, and 10 years of experience in curriculum development, she has learned how to help entrepreneurs create successful online course curriculum, in-person workshops, or full educational programs that build true connections and life-long clients.

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