What I’m here for: To Help Students Build Writing Skills and Confidence

I struggle with wanting to help everyone with any need they have.  I know that at the core of my being is a person who just wants to help drive others to success.  Not in the pushy way, but in the way that is like, “What can I do to help you succeed?” way.

As I narrow my focus to what I’m good at doing, I think about a quote I heard last week from The Quote of the Day Show that I love:

Find out what you’re good at without trying, and then try!

John Addison

It seems so simple but it blew me away!  I realized that I need to focus on what I’m good at.

So what am I good at doing better than anyone else I know?

Teaching writing to struggling or frustrated writers.

I know 3 things that have stopped students from being successful:

  1. They’ve lost their confidence.
  2. Teachers generally inspire writing, few know how to teach writing
  3. With the right writing strategies, they can be confident writers

Students don’t write because they have been beat down with the red pen. They have been told to write essays or papers, and then when they try, they get their paper back covered in red ink.  Some schools actually teach writing line-by-line but students still don’t know what to write when it comes down to it.

I have learned that to help a student write, they must first know how to read and second how to discuss what they read.  I will say this over and over again: if someone can talk about a subject, they can write about it.  

English teachers can lead amazing discussions about the rhetorical devices used by John Steinbeck…. with 3 students in the classroom, while everyone else is snoozing or checking their phone.  But with the right help, students can be taught to have academic discussions. But you must watch out because once they know how to have an academic discussion, it’s hard to stop them from talking.  The good news is that it builds confidence and excitement.

With the right reading, speaking, and writing help, students will be able to build their writing skills and confidence.

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