About Thrive Write: A College-Readiness Writing Program

Welcome to Thrive Write’s home page!!

I’m Jessica L. Moody, and I created this writing program so that you (or your child) can have confidence going into college.

I know the struggles that many students have in academic writing:

  • Wondering what the teacher wants
  • Not knowing how to begin
  • Not being sure of what an academic essay is supposed to look like
  • Receiving a paper with a low mark and being confused as to why

These resources and blog will give students:

  • focus questions for academic reading
  • strategies including sentence templates for writing essays
  • secrets that English majors and English teachers know about writing
  • editing and revising skills
  • suggestions on what to say during classroom discussions so that you sound more intellectual than your peers
  • and more

Home school parents and new teachers will receive activities on:

  • academic discussion of classical texts your students will see in college.
  • critical thinking strategies
  • bias and credibility
  • research skills and citations
  • independently focused academic writing strategies
  • and more

My Philosophy is this:

  • all students can write if given useful strategies
  • there are no good writers, just good editors
  • if you can say it, you can write it
  • anyone can succeed with hard work and determination

This program is one of the many writing programs out there. This is different because it is created for the frustrated and nervous writer who wants to go to college and succeed as a college writer.

Each week I will give you an activity to use at home to improve your college level thinking, reading, and writing skills.  I would love for you to have a partner to discuss these topics with since I believe that if you can say it, you can write it.

Each week, I also want you to respond to me with the challenges and struggles that you face in high school, college, or teaching of any of the topic mentioned.

To learn more about my mission click here.  To find more resources by me click here.

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Blessings to you and your family!!





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