How do you change your speech to a group audience vs. an individual? (Part 2)

This is one of the challenges that I see most often with entrepreneurs who want to create online education. They are so used to customizing their services to their individual clients that it seems impossible to create generic training to cover all the variables. This is why there are curriculum developers (honestly) and curriculum development is not a skill that is very common.

See, creating a curriculum for 1 particular client to teach to ONLY their audience is easier than creating a curriculum that ANYONE can pick up and teach. The teacher’s style is interwoven into the creation of the curriculum, whereas if for a broad teaching audience, the context and explanation must be much more in-depth and account for all the variables in styles, confusions and student levels.

This is the same challenge that the individual entrepreneur has. They have to create a course that generalizes their audience (very challenging and uncomfortable at times) in order to create a transformation that establishes value and credibility.

Talking to an individual is much easier for many people than talking to a large audience. We can easily adapt our language and program for the individual, but there are many challenges with creating a similar connection to the audience.

Remembering that there is and should be a difference in our language and style to the individual vs. a group is one of the first steps in creating a lasting connection.

Which do you find easier: talking to an individual or to a group and why?

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