What if God is calling you deeper?

It’s time to discover your calling through intimacy with God.

Into the Depths

Sometimes we think intimacy with God just happens magically… ​

We think some people just have it [and we obviously don’t].
We think that God speaks only to certain people.
We wish we could see God working in our lives. 

I thought this, too.
I envied those who had an intimate relationship with the Lord.
I wanted to deepen my relationship with Him.
I felt like there was more, and I wanted everything He had for me.

So I prayed two simple prayers:

"Lord, take me deeper."
"Lord, show me who you created me to be."

What if we don't need a special title or ministry to know Him deeper?

The only difference between those who know Him more and those who wish they did

Is that they sought Him with all their hearts, minds, and strength…

They knocked and they kept knocking.

I thought intimacy with God would be easy,
but instead, God took me on a life-changing journey…

The journey was full of highs and lows... at times a confusing and frustrating journey.

The deeper intimacy didn’t happen overnight; it happened through lessons and seasons.

He asked me to give up things that I didn’t want to.

He asked me to embrace qualities that I didn’t know I had.

There were times when I obeyed Him and other times when I rebelled.

But the result was obvious.

I look back and see how God brought me closer to Him…
To know Him more.
To love Him more.
To be sanctified because of what He has done.

And the best thing about a journey with God is that it is never ending.

As you go on your journey towards intimacy with God,

what if you didn’t have to force yourself into obedience,

you stopped feeling guilty because of the weaknesses and sin that you see.

This book will help you discover that you don’t have to do it in your own strength because in our own strength we can’t.

God is calling you into the depths to a new and different way…

Your journey won’t look the same as mine, but God has a specific path and purpose for you.

One of the best parts of the journey is all that God has for you. As you pick up this book, prepare to be surprised, delighted, and set free. 

You are unique.

The journey God has for you is yours and yours alone.

God knows exactly where you are and exactly where He wants you to go.


We don’t have to see the whole vision. God does.

He asks to walk the path in faith, trusting Him daily.

In the depths, God transforms our desires, our dreams, and our future.

When I began the journey of intimacy with God, He revealed my calling as a writer and educator.

As I stepped into who He created me to be, our relationship deepened and my dependence on his grace and guidance set me free. 

You can have that experience, too.


Step Into the Depths To Pursue Your Calling

Through this journey, you will:

  • Identify your calling
  • Step into a journey of intimacy
  • Discover the freedom of depending on the Lord
  • Enjoy scriptures to meditate on 
  • Explore questions that help you apply the truths you’re learning

Let’s not wait another day to step into the depths of what God has for you!!

Into the Depths
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