My Mission Statement

“Anything that You Can Place into Your Imagination Can Harden into a Reality.” by Dr. Wayne Dyer 

Successful people have a mission statement.  They “know in [their] heart what [they] are here for, what [they] came to do.” Listen more on the Quote of the Day Show.

I have finally defined what it is I’m on earth for.  You can read about it here.  This is an ongoing process, but I can state confidently that:

I am here to support people in achieving their dreams. I’m here to teach and streamline curriculum and teaching processes, and I am here to show other people God’s love through Christ.  

If you haven’t created a Mission statement for your life, I suggest that you do that.  Dan Miller has a process that you can go through here

If you don’t know who you are and what you are doing here, you won’t go anywhere that you want to go.  

As a high school English teacher, I have heard many students claim that they are going to be millionaires.  When I ask them how, most of the time they have no clue.  They may rap, sing, or do some other creative venture, but they generally are lacking follow-through and purpose.  Now I don’t blame them.  It is understandable that teenagers think this way, but it is way worse when I hear adults either being completely defeated by the world OR still imagining success without taking any steps to achieve it.

How to Achieve Success

In Dr. Dryer’s clip, he describes Maslow’s Self-Actualization.  He says that “there are certain people who come into this world that come from a self-actualized perspective,” they don’t let others define them, and they are are seldom understood.

Since I’ve gone through this process of realizing my skills and trying to define what I am here for, it has created a disconnect between me and many of the people around me.  People are amazed and say things like, “Wow, you are so motivated!” As soon as people see success, the imagine that it was easy and that the success can never happen to them, but I can attest. This process is hard, but I will do it because I won’t give up.

Sometimes when we go through hardships, and overcome them, it puts us in a situation where we must redefine ourselves.

In the Marine Corps we call this Mind over matter: “If you don’t mind, it don’t matter!!”  When I went through the hardest time in my life.  I had lost almost everything in my life.  I had no money. I was borderline homeless and had to start over from scratch.  This was my turning point.  I had no other choice but to pull up my bootstraps and move forward. This was the time I depended on God to lead my steps and tell me where to go.  3 years later I feel like I’m back at the beginning except for one thing:

I know my worth. I know my skills. I know what I’m here for.

So, “What now?”

I’m writing more.  I’m creating more.  I’m determined to succeed and I’m taking steps daily to achieve those dreams.  I WILL DO IT!! I will!!  I am placing it into my imagination and will see it become reality!!  Will you?

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