No More Resolutions


I don’t diet anymore, I don’t make resolutions, and I don’t wait till Monday morning, January 1st, or any other time to do anything.  If I decide to do anything, I do it then. I make a goal on a Tuesday and start it on Wednesday. I am done making resolutions, and I urge you to be done, also.

See, we should know by now: Resolutions don’t stick.  Waiting till Monday morning to start is absurd. Whether it’s your diet, to start your marathon training, or whatever imaginary goal you know if you are honest with yourself, that you will never achieve.  You won’t do it if you are waiting for a moment that you think is right.

But you will achieve it if you start looking at your goals differently.  

I’m extremely competitive and mostly competitive with myself.  I play mental games with myself to achieve goals. For example, last Monday afternoon I decided that I needed to stop making excuses about my weight and decided right then to stop eating so much sugar.  So rather than waiting until the following Monday, I gave myself a challenge. I asked myself, “How long can I go without dessert or soda (my two biggest culprits)?”

I am not on a diet. I didn’t wait till some elusive day to begin. I began my challenge THAT DAY.  I challenged myself to see how many days I can go without it, so the minute that I break my “fast from sugar” my time has stopped, and I have to start the clock again.  

Honestly, I build these challenges for bragging rights.  I want to be able to say, “Do you know that I went six months without sugar last year?”  But I believe that having bragging rights is a better way to approach a diet than feeling as though I’m missing out on life because I can’t eat dessert.

I’m on day 6, and things are looking up.  I’m feeling good. I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing anything, and I feel as though I can go many more days, weeks and even months without it.

Resolutions are goal killers. Make your goal and begin now.  Decide to write your book, turn the TV off, open your laptop and bust out five pages… NOW.  Then begin to build it into your routine. Create for yourself your own mental game or competition and achieve your goals NOW.  

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