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So You Want to Design a Course?

I know the feeling… the ideas, to imagine a course that you design yourself being finished and published?!? The hopes and dreams that this course will be like those courses that all the webinars talk about…

the 10k in one weekend course!


Oh my goodness, it’s just too exciting.

So you immediately go into design-mode:

Which course will be the one that replicates that same scenario?

Should I quit my job now or wait a week?

Should I even bother with my other responsibilities because I will obviously be able to hire all the help I need in just a few weeks?

You get back to reality and sit down to design.

There is when the problems begin.

First the problems of topic.

How to condense the information….

Then, the how to teach it, how to write it, what to have them do, and much much more.

Then we give up our desire to design a life-changing course, so we settle with one of two options:

  1. The Just-Finish-And-Publish-Something Phase OR
  2. The Life-Is-Getting-In-The-Way Phase
So you’re stuck.
  • Do you have too many ideas?
  • Do you realize that what you want your course to be isn’t what comes easiest to you?
  • Are you stuck on the “building an audience” stage?
  • Maybe seeing the whole vision and narrowing down the topic is harder than you imagined.
  • Or maybe you just need time to go through the teaching process with a human being rather than just in your head.

If I didn’t address your problem, then you are an outlier, congratulations. You win the exclusive opportunity to message or talk to me about your problem that does not fit under one of these categories.

Solution time:
  • Too many ideas === use my “Narrow Down My Topic” strategy that you can find discussed in my amazing FB group: the Audience-Driven Course Designers!
  • Stuck on building an audience or email sequence? Stop freaking out about that and create your amazing course!! You can’t gather an audience for a play that hasn’t been written yet!!
  • If what you feel you should create a course for, you realize you aren’t actually an expert in yet (yes, I said yet), either keep trucking on and become the expert of all experts in that field OR write and launch a course on something you are already amazing at!
  • Seeing the whole vision IS insanely hard. That’s what I do. Let’s talk.
  • If you need to experiment with a real-life human. Right now, go onto our community, tell them what your course is on, and exchange expertise with a fellow tribes member to experience teaching someone. Brain-dump on one another, ask advice, help one another, glean from each other’s experience. And you can still talk to me too, as I live for a challenge like yours.
  • And if I haven’t mentioned it before, Let’s talk! You have a free 15 minute chat with me.

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