Three Ways to Sabotage Your Webinar

Three Ways to Sabotage Your Webinar

There is a huge trend in self-improvement education with webinars that offer detailed and expert information for free, but then offer paid consulting or paid further education opportunities. Creating a webinar is an amazing way to build your trio of expert knowledge (Trio post is in progress). This is an opportunity for all experts in their field to share vital information that only comes with experience in the profession, and this demand for expert knowledge webinars continues to grow.

3 ways you are sabotaging your Webinar:

  1. You brag… too much, anyways.

I viewed a free webinar recently about how to build an effective platform in order to grow your business in weeks. The beginning started out well: The presenter mentioned that they were giving away this information, but it was not required to purchase the consultation package. However, slide after slide was not filled with vital usable content. The 20 minutes that I watched was jam-packed with the business’s success stories. After the 10th success story and almost nothing written on my notes, I closed the video. I couldn’t handle the presenter bragging so much. Don’t get me wrong, it could have been possible for him to brag AND give me some useful information, but he didn’t. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get to the end to see the package and services they were offering which might have been useful if the webinar was better organized.

That said, you can and should highlight your or your business’s accomplishments, but leave that at the beginning and one example for each point that you are making.

2. You’re too creative.

The information that you present is, most likely, not unique. We have all gathered expert information from here and there and have combined it to fit our situation. Personally, I follow people like Lisa Nichols because she is so inspirational and an amazing speaker, I follow Jeff Goins because of his knowledge on writing, publishing and building an audience, and I listen to Sean Croxton every day for 10 minutes of inspiration from all the great motivational speakers.

Nothing they say is 100 percent unique and most likely what you are going to say is not either. But the way that you say it is unique and it is also giving your audience an opportunity to see the information through your worldview and experience. People who are looking for self-improvement and online education are hungry for expert voices to add to what they know. You will give them a nugget of information that another person won’t. The point is, there is always an opportunity to hear another voice of experience in the field of your choice.

3) You think you can wing it.

I see this often with Facebook live videos, and I have made this mistake too even though my expertise is in webinar and workshop development. You can be the best speaker: confident, knowledgeable, and able to engage your audience, but you must plan!! Do you think Tony Robbins wings it?!? There’s no way he does!! No one gets to be as successful as he is just through talent alone. He has perfected his craft by working hard, evaluating who has come before him, taking the techniques that work, throwing away those that don’t, and making mistakes over and over again until he has become who we see today! Don’t rely on fate alone! Don’t rely on talent alone! Don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face over and over again!

Plan it out…

Test it out…

Practice it…

Have honest people critique it…

Fix it over and over again…

Practice some more…

And then finally…


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