When Will My Hard Work Pay Off?

When will people start coming to my website? When will people follow me? When will they see all my hard work?

Unfortunately though, just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come.

We have all struggled with this in our online marketing, sales, and social media work. We can be the best in our field. We can do all the online tutorials, take the best workshops, create the best sales funnels, and do everything by the book, but it doesn’t always come as easily as those who make these workshops.

“Right now, one of the most revenue producing topics is people who have workshops on how to create workshops.” When I said this out loud to a friend we laughed at the absurdity.

It sounds so silly.

Other huge workshops include how to grow social media platforms, how to grow an audience, and many others.

But we are all seeking and striving to do it all and we are doing it by ourselves.

So suddenly, our expert status in something we have years of experience in, are passionate about, and have been teaching others for years is muddled down with the knowledge that “I have to be good at everything to succeed in what I love.”

Website design, social media, building an audience, knowing the ins and outs of business finances, the legal aspects of business that many of us are ignorant of, how to have a follow-up system through click funnels or even person-to-person, videography, advertisements, and much, much more. It all seems overwhelming and honestly, too much!!

So unless we have the funds to pay all of the above as our start-up costs, we are stuck in limbo feeling as if we need to suddenly become an expert on all of the above.

So what do we do?

Create a system, be consistent, do one thing a day towards your goal, learn and do, narrow your audience, narrow your focus, build an audience, begin where you are, identify your passion, create a mission statement, claim an expert status, and on and on…

But there are TWO things we should do that surpasses anything else:


1. Connect with like-minded individuals who work as hard as we do.

Join meetups, entrepreneur groups, Facebook tribes, do mixers, and make friends.

That means we may need to make a list of the type of people we need around us and literally pray that those people come.

My list: experts on sales, marketing, social media, and website design, a business lawyer, business/life coaches, and business tax experts/accountants. As of last week, I officially have one of each.

Build relationships, don’t use people. Work together to push one another forward. Give them a platform, give them referrals, make a connection, care about one another and their success. This creates a successful team.

2. Learn everything you can possibly learn but get help where you need it.

There was a podcast on The Quote of the Day Show by Sean Croxton, and for the life of me, I can’t find the specific one, but it said something like

Spend 10% of what you want to earn.

This concept blew my mind.

What? I should actually put money aside to pay people for what they are good at?!? By paying people to help me, I might earn more?!? I don’t have to learn everything and be perfect at everything to succeed?!? What?!?!

When I realized this and started implementing it, EVERYTHING changed.

I began to release the things that caused an insane amount of stress (my website) and paid Dara Simons to make it awesome!! I paid for courses that I knew I needed, signed up for Convert Kit, and started focusing on the things that I am good at: writing curriculum, writing blogs, and creating courses.

This release of pressure is catapulting me out of where I was into who I want to be and it can for you, too!!

There are so many more things that I could add, I would love to hear your comments.

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