About Thrive Write: A College-Readiness Writing Program

Thrive Write Curriculum

How to Write with Confidence

A writing program created for the frustrated and nervous writer who wants to go to college and succeed as a college writer. Designed to give you (or your child) confidence going to college. 

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I know the struggles that many students have in academic writing:

  • Wondering what the teacher wants
  • Not knowing how to begin
  • Not being sure of what an academic essay is supposed to look like
  • Receiving a paper with a low mark and being confused as to why


Benefits for Students

  • Focus questions for academic reading
  • Strategies including sentence templates for writing essays
  • Secrets that English majors and English teachers know about writing
  • Editing and revising skills
  • Suggestions on what to say during classroom discussions so that you sound more intellectual than your peers
  • And more!

Benefits for Homeschool Parents and New Teachers

  • Academic discussion of classical texts your students will see in college.
  • Critical thinking strategies
  • Bias and credibility
  • Research skills and citations
  • Independently focused academic writing strategies
  • And more!


My Philosophies

  • All students can write if given useful strategies
  • There are no good writers, just good editors
  • If you can say it, you can write it
  • Anyone can succeed with hard work and determination