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You Need an Online Course!!

There is no doubt about it: if you are a business owner online, you need an online course!

Social Media and the tech boom is changing education and professional development as we know it. It is true what they say that education is not just limited to the privileged or the wealthy anymore.

Workshops and conferences that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to attend in person, we can listen to for free on youtube. People without any education are finding a mass amount of success in running online workshops using marketing, sales, and business skills all online.

If we are running any part of our business online, we must get involved in online education or we will truly be left behind.


We all have heard the stories of people creating online courses and building 6 figure businesses overnight. That’s amazing and can be true for some people who have already established their online presence and have a large email list. If you have an email list in the thousands or more and don’t have a course yet, this is your call to action. Get one done and get moving asap! There is nothing stopping you!

For the rest who have not established a solid online presence yet and are just beginning to move their expertise into the online market, there are some things that I want you to know about having an online course:

1. Creating and launching an online course is time-consuming but will be worth it.

Creating a course is much more challenging and requires many more collaborative pieces than these “Launch Your Course in 7 Days” webinars want to admit. So the best bet is to start small and get used to the process. (I have a simple 5 module course on how to write your first 5 module course here, just to get you started).

2. An online course will build your credibility.

Courses can be used to promote your business and services the same as:  publishing an ebook, being interviewed on podcasts, or being a conference speaker. And the best news is that you can cross promote within each platform. Yey!!

3. You can use your online course to sell exclusively or to use to generate leads. 

As you build more courses, you can begin to give them away or use the course as a lead capture (lead magnet) to:  build your email list, establish your expertise and grow your followers.

4. The busier you get, the harder it will be to finish and publish your online course.

I see it all the time. Everyone wants to create an online course because they think it is passive income. They realize quickly that it isn’t as passive as they expected. It is difficult and requires many pieces to work to get it done effectively.

5. The content of the course might seem like the easiest piece but most people get stuck on the overwhelming amount of ideas. 

Think about this: How many course ideas do you have? How many have you finished? How many have you started? Are you like most people and have a bunch of starts to your course, or a bunch of notes and information and are really not sure how to lay it all out into a usable curriculum? You are like most people. It is hard to get it out of your head and going and sometimes it is nice to just get some help organizing your thoughts and getting it moving. If that’s you, I’d love to chat with you.

The bottom line is that people need to hear your expert knowledge. Course creation is not all magic and fairies like so many webinars tell you but it is extremely valuable for you and your audience. So get it done!

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