Backwards Planning Your Course (Part 1)

Are you having a hard time building out your course? You know you have the knowledge and expertise, but getting it out of your head in a clear and concise way might be the challenge you are facing. This is the answer!!

Backwards planning is the strategic way that many educators build out their curriculum. We say, “Plan with the end in mind!”

You can do this too!! The reason you should do it is that it gives your audience a clear destination. You build towards something, you have a clear ending point.

One of the biggest challenges as a curriculum developer that I see is that people feel the need to give their audience everything. They want to do all and be all for their audience. Let’s get this straight, you will not bring your audience to your level of experience within any one online course.

You have years of experience, years of overcoming challenges in order to learn your craft, and probably formal education or PD to go with it. People aren’t expecting the world, but they do want results. So give them results.

Building out a backwards plan course can be a challenge the first few times, but the more you do it (just like anything) the better you will get. Stay tuned tomorrow where I will give you the secret sauce.

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