Backwards Planning Your Online Course (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared with you WHY you should use the backwards planning method for creating your online course. *Uh em* it keeps both you and your audience focused on the end product. Well, today you’ll find out how. (Please, comment and share if you find this useful knowledge)

1. Start with the end: Visualize for a moment what you want your audience to say you helped them with. “If it wasn’t for John Smith, I would have never been able to launch a successful FB ad!!” OR “If it wasn’t for Mary Fain Brandt’s LinkedIn Course, I would have never found my dream job!” (but seriously, check out Mary’s course called, “Your Recipe for Success on LinkedIn” ASAP!! (Link in comments)

2. Break the final product into small achievable steps. The quicker that you can get that instant gratification feeling in your audience, the better. Tell them what they will achieve in each module, and give them what they need to achieve it. Give them outlines, templates, swipe files, and videos. Don’t allow them to fail! They trust you, now deliver what you say you will.

3. Ask them to prove their accomplishments to you. Have them show a picture, video or post on an exclusive FB group, or send you an email directly. But build interaction within the course!!

4. If you find that you dreamed too big, asked too much to do in a reasonable time for both you and your audience, then cut the junk out!! Narrow the course down into something that can be achieved in about 12 videos of 5–10 minutes each MAX. If it’s more than that, it’s too much and they will never finish.

Stay tuned on video training on how to do this!! Want more of this? Tell me here!! 🙂

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