Entrepreneur Rants: Entrepreneur Education

You know that moment when you see someone who claims to be an expert in your field and are absolutely amazed at how someone can believe and buy-into them?!? That’s what I feel about education.

I don’t feel that way because I am just that awesome. I am not trying to be a snob about it and think that no one can teach the way I can.

I do understand that people who teach have their specific styles and goals.

Yet as a trained educator my number one concern is my audience… I do EVERYTHING I can to make sure that my “students” have everything they need to succeed, and when entrepreneurs braindump, teach 10% to their 90% sales speech and more, it infuriates me!

I also understand that the student is 50% of the equation. Just because a teacher teaches well, doesn’t mean the student will be successful. The student has to do the WORK!!  

Many times when people come to me to help them build their training, online courses, in-person workshops, webinars, and full online programs, it is because of 3 different main reasons.

3 Struggles Entrepreneurs Have With Creating Training

  1. They generally can’t visualize what it’s supposed to look like.
  2. They have too much going on and can’t stop to capture all their thoughts in an organized fashion.
  3. They need an educator to create the worksheets, books, and activities that go along with their already created training… basically fill in the gaps.
Some actionable steps you can take to become a better teacher for your audience’s benefit:
  • Learn and use Best Teaching Practices:

These include storytelling, creating project- or task-based modules, using templates, asking good questions, and backwards designing your training.

  • Turn the questions you ask into fill-able worksheets and give examples and sentence starters.

(This is one of the worksheets from Course Planning Roadmap 1)

  • Use a platform that is easy and gives you everything you might need to succeed.  


It’s easy to create your platform on THINKIFIC , and I’m building a step-by-step video series of creating my next THINKIFIC online course (stay tuned). My favorite thing about THINKIFIC is that it’s not going to break the bank like other course platforms.

The most important thing about being an educator of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial educator, or whatever you want to call yourself is to make your Audience Number One!!  Their success will prove that you know what you’re doing. Their success is your responsibility by giving good instruction and giving them the best chance of success.

This is not an extensive list, but stay tuned for more instruction on how entrepreneurs can improve their training programs!

What are some things that you agree with and/or are going to start implementing in your training programs?

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