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If you desire to educate, transform, and connect to your audience, J. L. Moody can help!

J. L. Moody- Curriculum Developer and Educational Ghostwriter
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Hey you guys,

As an educator of over 10 years, I understand your struggles. I know that you desire to build an audience that seeks your wisdom and expertise, yet you struggle with laying out the content and curriculum in a way that connects to their hearts and desires. You know your stuff, I know that. It’s not about not knowing WHAT to say, it’s about knowing HOW to organize and deliver it is the problem. You have a zillion ideas, and they are all jumbled up in your head. 

My job is to get the jumbled up ideas and show you how to reorganize it in a simple but effective way that your audience can receive and desire more from you. I can see through the ideas, the overwhelm, and the chaos that is stopping you from being all that you have been called to be. I identify that path that’s unique to you, give you a vision for the small steps and large journey and guide you in this process. 

I can educate you on each step, and encourage you to step in… finally. 

I do this in three ways: 

1. I am the author and creator of an online program called Audience-Driven Course Design which helps you create the content curriculum for your online course. 
2. I am the author of the book Into the Depths: Pursing our Calling through Intimacy with God. This book is a memoir and journal that tells my story of intimacy with God and asks you to reflect on your history and future with God as well. This is a fun and interactive journey that you can go on to identify truly what you are called to do.
3. I am the owner and creator of the high school academic writing curriculum called Thrive Write Education.  Check out the lessons on Teacherspayteachers.com to see the options. 
These programs are how I help you achieve and succeed in the goals you desire for your life and business. 
If you are not sure yet what you are called to do, click “Download Here” for a 5 Day devotional to identify exactly what you are called to and who you are called to serve.


Learn the ins and outs of writing dynamic and transformational online course curriculum. 

Stop waiting to find your calling and join me in this journey to find out what you were made to do. No more waiting. No more wishing. 

Bring the passion back into writing and help your students be prepared to write for college.