How do you change your speech to a group audience vs. an individual? (Part 1)

Understanding an audience as a group and/or individual is one of the biggest challenges for many entrepreneurs. The experience we have with individuals, helps us understand the audience as a whole, but the group can have a much different dynamic than your individual clients.

Your audience has not turned into individual clients yet. They are watching and observing at a distance to find out if they want to connect. They know that if they connect one-on-one with you, they will already need a level of commitment. Have you ever chosen not to go to a friend’s Tupperware (or similar) party just because you know you will buy something and you don’t want to feel guilted into an unneeded purchase? That is the same challenge your audience will have when they have a one-on-one conversation with you. They will know they need to make a decision and will want to be ready to move forward if you have the answer they are looking for.

Knowing this about an audience will improve your initial correspondence with them. Knowing that they need to feel confident that you are credible and have value, will help you to lead with that without being pushy.

What are some ways that your speech changes when talking to a group vs. talking to an individual?

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