How do you identify the needs of your audience?

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I ask a ton of questions. As a business owner who works with many one-on-one clients, I realize that the needs of each client greatly vary. Some clients simply want it done for them or don’t mind being told clearly what to do and what next steps we will take, others respond well through question/answer sessions, and others take guidance and run with it… sometimes faster than I was expecting.

Many people find out their audience’s needs through finding out through struggling through what are NOT their needs. Basically, we find out what they do want, by weeding out what they don’t want. This can be identified by creating theoretical service packages and testing them or asking for feedback. This process of creating a package or series of packages that your audience wants, might take quite a few tries before narrowing down a few that work.

Ultimately, establishing a balance of knowing what you can offer, what you can manage, and what your audience will need at a price they can and will pay, are all moving pieces that should be adjusted until you find something that works. What works for you?

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