Making a Change

If you do this 10 minutes every day, you will change!!

I have changed my life this year.  It is simple and only takes about 10 minutes per day (or more if I have a longer drive or workout).  It has become my extrinsic motivator.  It has filled me with confidence and has inspired me to write more.  It has made me move out of my comfort zone into a world that is scary and unknown.  This change looks like the 10 minutes per day it takes to listen to The Quote of the Day podcast from Sean Croxton.  Everyday I listen to this podcast, and I have become hungry for more so have added audio books on Audible like The Five Second Rule, 48 Days to the Work You Love, 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management or How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

This one change of listening to The Quote of the Day Show has spurred a change in my thinking and actions.  I have stopped thinking that success was just for those people.  I have stopped thinking that I can’t change.  I have stopped thinking that since I am a type B, laid back personality that I can’t be an entrepreneur.

I have however, realized that an entrepreneur does not have to be the go-getter, boss, who is in charge of or inspires hundreds of people immediately.  I have realized that it is a conscious effort to change one thing at a time and utilize my time wisely to complete tasks efficiently.  I have gained a new desire to not waste any more time.  I don’t want to waste my life.  I don’t want to waste one more second passing time waiting for the weekend, desiring the next season, or doing anything but living in the moment.

I have been that person that has said, “I’m just never going to be skinny. I’m just not made that way.” Or “I am too laid back to run my own business.”  When people who are on that side of the success wagon in any of these areas are trying to YELL saying, “You think this was easy?!?  You think I was just made this way? You didn’t see all the struggles I have gone through to get here.  You are discounting the struggles and years of failures by acting like it was easy. It wasn’t!!”

So have a big New Years goal if you want.  Maybe this will be your year.  OR you can decide to make one change TODAY!!  Don’t wait for Monday.  If you want to get into shape, then go outside and take a walk today.

Don’t go buy a membership; reward yourself with a membership AFTER you have walked or ran every day for a month.  If you want to begin your own at-home business, don’t put ANY money into it.  Begin to build a portfolio, make the plan, ask for advice, get a free website going.  Don’t spend money on it until you have done everything you can do before you spend the money.  Make the money you put out your reward for being consistent.

As you begin to listening to people who have done it before through The Quote of the Day Show, take it and run.  Be a good steward of what you have been given now and expect it to grow in fruit.  If your goal is big, break it down to achievable steps.  Make your goals not amount made or lost but your consistency and effort.  If you want to work out, no matter what, just do 1 thing a day towards that goal, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, anything.  If you want to build your education, then listen to an audio book on the topic only on your commute to work.  If you want to build a website, do one thing per day towards it.

This is habit making that creates a lasting change.  If you have big dreams, start small but remember that it is the consistency is what will lead you closer to success!!  Let’s do this together!!


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