Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, & Nonprofits,

Designing transformational experiences for you to make a deeper connection to your audience is what I do. I’ve been building processes and curriculum for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits for over 5 years and it’s amazing when I get to take ideas out of someone’s head (or massive content in your computer drive) and turn it into content that can help you build your business.

  • program design
  • online courses
  • ebooks
  • nonfiction books
  • training manuals
  • full source documents
  • Bible studies and devotionals
  • workbooks
  • journals
  • companion workbooks to nonfiction books

If this sounds like you, you might have some questions.

Who do you work with?

Most often, I work with Military Veterans (I’m a Devil Dog ’99-03), nonprofits, or those whose ultimate mission is serving a community that they love. I love working with those who are experts in their fields and have massive amount of knowledge in their heads or content already written and scattered. I work best with those who are willing to make it “what it’s supposed to become, not what they think it will look like.” Meaning, those who enjoy letting a creative like me do what I do best: create a program that fits your audience.

Which topics do you specialize in?

  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Podcasting
  • Process development (Coaching)
  • Companion workbooks to nonfiction books
  • Motivation and Leadership
  • Nonprofit education
  • Veteran education
  • Employee education (training) Bible Studies (Christian-based)

What's your process?

We have a 3-phase process that we do for you to create a customized and unique product for your needs and your audience’s desires.

Phase 1: Program Planning Intensive– This is where we build out the outline for your program. You get to see what the modules, parts, or chapters will look like with an outline of the content that will be included. You get a vision for which “bucket” the content goes into. You’ll see the framework for the big-picture program you will offer. 

Phase 2: Content Creation– During this phase you will get the details inserted into the “buckets” mentioned above. If you are creating a course, then you will get the slide titles and talking points per slide, if we are working on a written text, that is when we will pull the information from your brain, as a ghostwriter, or gather and rewrite the content you’ve already written. You will also get the worksheets, workbooks, or activities that you will use alongside your training. 

Phase 3: Monthly Coaching and Educational Consulting– We would love to be able to do continual work for your organization on a monthly basis. We know that as you begin teaching, your audience will want more pieces that you didn’t realize they would want until you began to get to know them and listen to their responses. We want to be available to you to review content, coach through an educational challenge, or write an additional PDF, worksheet, or lead magnet.

How do we get started?

As much as I want to, I can’t work with everyone. So, the first step of this process is to fill out a form (click the button below), my team and I will review it, schedule a time to meet, and we will mutually decide if it’s a right fit.