The Path of an Entrepreneur

I’ve said a few times that I’ve never thought of myself as an Entrepreneur, but that has changed.  Through a series of events this year, I have realized that I’m capable of doing much more than classroom teaching.  I have realized that I can create and build whatever I want to do.  For instance, I have the ability to create unique curriculum and written documents with a combination of skills that I was born with and some that I have learned.

I have realized that I have is that I can see the big picture while being able to break down the steps to achieve that goal.  I can use formal documents or standards that I am unfamiliar with, quickly read and understand them, and then use those standards to create a plan to apply them.   I can teach myself how to do anything, read any formal documents, and create a plan to achieve a goal.

I actually LOVE this process.  Just the other day I began to work with a lady that I didn’t know to create curriculum for her physical therapy course (I have no experience in physical therapy).  She sent me the standards and expectations that she needs to cover during her course and I began to map out a lesson plan and unit plan that she can use so that she can use this guide for her state required accreditation document.

This is all second nature for me.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  That said, I am already thinking of ways that I can streamline this process for other professionals to use.

Working with different people, teaching them how to think like a teacher, and helping them to write or create what they need to be successful would be my DREAM JOB!!

During something like this, I would do what I was made to do: TEACH.  And work with adults to do what I love: create, write, research, and collaborate.  Finally, I get to move on and do it again in a different environment, with different people.  This is a definite plus because I get bored and distracted so easily.

It is amazing how I’ve always known that I would be a teacher, yet I never would have imagined that I would leave the K-12 school system. Now, I’m excited to use those same skills that I have learned in the classroom to help other professionals to create curriculum, write and edit formal documents, open their own businesses, and accomplish their dreams… be a consultant of sorts.

Right now, I have a few different paths.  I’m going to step forward in them all until they begin to fail or become something different.  I am simultaneously finishing this school year teaching, writing a grant for a non-profit, helping this physical therapist with curriculum, and finishing my paperwork to get my Masters in Teaching Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  I have applied for a few full-time jobs at the university that I am attending: a Project Assistant and a Library Tech job.  Either one would be a good position for me because this is just a means to an end.  If I work full-time there for a year, I can get my Doctorate program paid for.  Plus, I can learn so much in any job that I have and use it to accomplish my mission to create and build a service-type business that I was made for.  LET’S DO THIS!!


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