Thrive Write’s Guide to Writing a Literary Essay…

when you think you can’t.  

My skill is teaching people who think they can’t write how to write.  Give me a classroom full of gang members and kids just out of juvenile hall to give me the challenge of getting them to write.  The thing about most English teachers with “regular” kids is that they don’t necessarily need to teach writing the way that I have had to learn to teach writing.  Most English teachers can give a writing topic and the students will at least attempt a response.   They might be having trouble with structure, or grammar or spelling, but they start with something that they can work on. 

When I give writing assignments, my students freeze and sometimes attempt to overthrow the school with anarchy.  They have no strategies, no confidence, nothing to help them get going.  Now I’m generalizing the majority of the population; I have had a few poets thrown in there of students who were so-called naturals, but the majority of my students need to learn all the steps that many people take for granted that we think everyone does before, during, and after writing.

Who is this for?

I have tutored adults of all ages with this program.  This is not strictly for high schoolers. They are strategies that anyone can use for just about any literary writing topic.

If any of my students read this, they will simply be reminded of the strategies that use daily.  Most people who are writers, do many of these steps already, so they can be used to learn from scratch or as practice.  My ultimate goal is to prepare you for college writing.

What writing resources will I provide?

The worksheets and tips included are those that I use in class and my website will eventually include video tutorials.  I will replicate the order of events in a classroom and break each step down into doable steps.  Once a week I will provide an activity or strategies that you can practically use.  I also will give you some insight on what your English teacher is thinking and already knows about you based off what you write.  

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Let’s get started!!!

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